Solar Powered Steampunk-ish Pocket Watch

The reason why I called the following pocket watch steampunk-ish is because it is only inspired from the sci-fi subgenre, but it still is an exquisite item, nonetheless.

This pocket watch should really be part of any steampunk fan’s wardrobe, as it features an amazing design. However, the design is not really the main positive aspect of the watch. Had it been a real steampunk watch, with all sorts of wheels within weels, turning wheels, I doubt it could have run on solar energy. The one in discussion, though, is solar powered, fact that is really baffling, as many people out there would presume that it is based exclusively on a quartz mechanism. The effort that was put in integrating solar cells into the lid of the pocket watch certainly deserves some appreciation.

The color scheme of the pocket watch does not really respect what would be called the steampunk standard. The solar cells, two copper colored segments and the inside of the lid are the only elements that resemble steampunk objects, color-wise. Other than that, the exterior of the pocket watch is of a beautiful polished silver. Personally, I am curious about how the back of the watch looks like, as only the front of it was photographed, with the lid closed and opened. More precisely, I would love to know if the back of the watch is see-through. Seeing each bit of the mechanism moving would be terribly interesting.

The dial looks fantastic, too, and it completes perfectly the design of the watch. According to the manufacturer, this pocket watch is made from English pewter and brass. Another interesting aspect of it is that the turbines move while exposed to sun. The quartz movement that the clock also includes is used as a backup option for when there is no sunlight available. In such cases, users need to crank it up manually.

EER Patent Solar Powered Turbine Steampunk Fob Watch by Alchemy Jewelry, as this gem is known, is fortunately more than a concept. People who are interested in buying it will have to pay $149, which may actually be a reasonable price, considering how innovative and unique the watch really is.

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