XD Design Solar Window Charger by XDModo

The XD Design Solar Window Charger by XD Modo can stick on a window and take in solar power, using it to charge portable electronic devices.

Keeping iPhones and other handheld electronic devices can be a hassle, especially on-the-go; there are never enough outlets, or they’re not in an easy-to-reach location. XDModo, known for making innovative and practical products, has now come up with a solution to many such conundrums: the XD Design Solar Window Charger.

This eco-friendly Solar Window Charger is small – the surface is just over four square inches and weighs just over 4 ounces  – but contains a 1400 mAh Li-ion battery. It does, however, take about 13 hours to charge, so it’s best suited for locales that get a lot of sun. It has both USB and mini-USB ports to use in charging devices, the latter of which can output 5V of power, and the charger comes packaged with a mini-USB cable.

The device also has an LED on the bottom that lights up red while it’s charging and green to indicate when it’s finished. The Solar Window Charger also has built-in measures to prevent overcharging and overheating.

Although currently only available for purchase in silver, promotional images of the Solar Window Charger show the product in green and black as well, indicating that more colors maybe on the way in the future.

The XD Design Solar Window Charger can be viewed and purchased online at a German site called design3000 for EUR49.95 (which is approximately $66), and we heard about it from The Cool Gadgets.