World of Warcraft Monopoly and StarCraft RISK

Blizzard has collaborated with USAopoly, a manufacturer of themed board games, to create special limited-edition video game-themed versions of some of their popular board games.Because playing a video game sometimes just isn’t enough, themed board game manufacturer USAopoly has teamed up with Blizzard to create video game-themed board games. Due out this summer, the two special edition board games will be World of Warcraftthemed Monopoly, and StarCraft-themed RISK.

The special edition of Monopoly will use items or characters from World of Warcraft as its player pieces; there are figurines of a murloc, Hearthstone, and other game references. These are only possible player pieces for now – voting is currently taking place on Facebook to determine which six figurines will make it into the game. The properties you can purchase are also names of places in Azeroth – Tanaris and Un’Goro Crater, to name a few.

The StarCraft-themed RISK will let players choose to play as one of the three races in StarCraft (Terran, Protoss, or Zerg) as well as choosing from six unique heroes. It also will contain three different play modes and over 290 custom playing pieces, all contributing to the classic RISK gameplay many have come to love.

The games will retail for $40 and $50, respectively, and will formally debut this Sunday, February 12th at the 109th annual Toy Fair in New York City, although they won’t be available for purchase until this summer.

These games are produced by USAopoly in partnership with Blizzard, and we heard about them through our friends at Geekologie!