Strange Solaris Watch Will Have You Puzzled

Looking more like a game of Tetris had a quick and serene love affair with the Star Trek Enterprise than an actual watch someone might wear, the joy of owning Olivier Demangel’s Solaris timepiece would be in deciphering the current time, every time.


Its face is hollowed out and open, and a deep gash separates the metallic bracelet in two. Blue LEDs adorn the edge and light up to show the hour, shining purple to indicate every five minute interval.

Would you understand its little puzzle of dots and colors in anything less than a few heartbeats? I doubt it, and in this day and age – a few heartbeats is a lot. And what does the middle hologram-looking rectangle stand for? Just another mystery, unless someone tells you it’s a solar panel.


You could see it as kind of a trip back to a more innocent time, back when you were a child and had to learn the ropes of which hand tells the hour. That’s how sees it. But wouldn’t there be a sort of mystical geometry effect to it – after having to read the futuristic face of the Solaris one too many times, would you start seeing time in a different way?

If that’s your kind of thing, you can vote Demangel’s Solaris over at the Tokyo Flash blog. Enough votes means it goes into production, and stores.


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