The Tread 1 is What Every Watch Wants to Be

We love watches and rocking design and every once in a while we have the pleasure of reviewing something that blows our minds. Futuristic watches are all the rage these days, and the Tread 1 is undoubtedly one of the pinnacles of modern design. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly delicate complex design, the folks at Devon claim this watch is bulletproof.

Tread 1 is by Devon, the same company that brought us the Devon GTX Super Car. The brains behind Devon is no other than conceptual artist Scott Devon.

Tread 1 taken apart

The Tread 1 is no ordinary watch by any measure. According to Devon, it’s a reinvention of the humble watch with a patented system of what they call Interwoven Time Belts, the very belts that lend the device its singularity. The belts are powered by compact microstep motors providing power and accuracy, the latter being of particular importance to watches. Counting 86,400 seconds per day is no easy task after all. The watch is powered by a lithium polymer battery and one charge will last you a couple of weeks. I don’t know how practical that is since traditionally watches have had extended battery times, but that’s the whole beauty of this watch. It’s nothing like the watches we’ve known and depended on for time.

Devon Tread 1 Wear

How can something with such intricate design be bulletproof you ask? Well it’s quite simple really. The display is crystal made from a scratch-resistant and anti-reflective polycarbonate which renders it bulletproof. I’d like to see one of these babies take a bullet at close range to see if it really is, but with a whopping price tag of $15,000, don’t expect to see anyone pulling such a stunt on Youtube just yet. It seems to me that quite a few manufacturers are using the bulletproof label to emphasize the durability of their products these days.

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Via: AskMen