13 Hilarious Christmas Decorations

Reindeer, Santa on a slay, Snow men… Christmas decorations for the home and outside of it can get a little boring and dull year after year. At least some people are slightly original about the whole thing, doing it for the laughs and not for tradition.

Star Wars Nativity Scene

Star Wars Nativity Scene


This is how people who have watched too many Star Wars reruns think.

Have Yourself a Portal Little Christmas

Portal Christmas


If video games and reality crossed over in an office party.

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes

A Santa Convention

A Santa Convention


Or is this something more similar to a dog kennel?

Santa Taking a Pee From the Roof

A Santa Who Had Too Much to Dring


Hopping from roof to roof and chimney to chimney, he needs to lighten the load from time to time.

Religious Improvisation

Happy Birthday Jesus


Still works.

A Bigger Than Life Tree

Bigger Than Life


Some trees are too big for one house to hold, or is this some magnificent Xmas illusion?

An Elf Strip Club

An Elf Strip Club


After working in the mall all day, all an elf wants is to relax.

Rubber Glove Tree

Glove Tree

It takes a lot more work to make this one than decorate a regular Christmas tree.

Kegs > Tree

Kegs Better Than Tree


Christmas can still be great, even without a “classic” decoration standing outside your house.

Having Yourself a Lazy Little Christmas

The Lazy Version


Sometimes being appreciative is lazy also, like this next one:

OMG Lights

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball


At least this version doesn’t get naked in the end.


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