Sony Ericsson MW600: Hi-Fi Wireless Headset [Hands on Review]

Sony has released the MW600 Wireless Headset as a wonderful accessory for music, talk and radio on the go. It is a compact and convenient Bluetooth headset which provide Hi-Fi sound with portable functionality.

sony ericsson wireless headset mw600

With this day and age opf technology, MP3 Players, Smartphones, Wireless accessories and more, the Sony Ericsson MW600 is a simple gadget to understand, use and implement in our daily lives. We were able to personally begin using it straight out of the box and see what the fuss is all about.

Size and Design

The MW600 Wireless Bluetooth Headset is extremely compact. Its dimensions are 6.88 x 5.90 x 24.40, its weight approx 13 g, and it is a bit wider than an average pinky. This makes it extremely easy to carry along wherever you go. With its built on clip, it may be clipped onto your clothing, lapel and such, so it is conveniently placed. We did realize that having a collar or lapel to clip it on is much more convenient, for with the short headphones attached, having it on your shirt could be a little irritating.

All the controls are pretty self-explanatory, with the volume rocker on one side, the skip forwards/backwards and pause button on the other, the talk button on its OLED face, headphone jack on top with usb connector on bottom.

Sound Quality

The MW600 Headset provided clear sound with the provided Sony Ericsson earphones, which were great with music, radio and actual phone calls. With the set located on a lapel or collar, the microphone was within reach to provide clear conversations for both sides. Still, the microphone is rather exposed, so it did not maintain such quality in somewhat windy situations and provided so in normal conditions only.

With the controls all within reach, your phone can remain in your pocket or at the next room. Mostly you have the control over your song selection, volume and even taking or ending a call. It is basically like the old-school Sony remotes that were attached to the headphones of our discman back in the day, but with better sound, increased tech and best yet…wireless capability.


Besides the obvious, the MW600 also consists of a built in rechargeable battery, which charges via the usb port and wall plug. Moreover, the earphones may be swapped, so if you are looking for a different quality of sound, longer wires or simply have a personal preference, it is yours to make.


With so many headsets, earphones and various capabilities available, the MW600 is definitely packing practicality. It combines great sound, long battery life and Wireless features in one extremely tiny device. The only thing is the comfort of finding the spot to clip the headset that is not too close as to have the short wires bother and not too far as to maintain the required microsphone distance for conversations.

Still, this is not a major obstacle to solve, and the benefits included within such a portable gadget far outweigh the slight designs issues.

sony ericsson bluetooth headset mw600

For more actual specifications and info, make sure to check out the official page of the MW600.

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