Sony Teases The PlayStation 4’s Looks

We get our first (very fuzzy) glimpse at the PlayStation 4 thanks to a buzz-worthy teaser trailer released by Sony.

PlayStation 4 close up image 1

No question is as important right now when it comes to Sony’s next console, as to what it looks like. Clearly. Who cares about its price, a release date, or heck, what games it plays? Just make sure it looks damn good in my living room and call it a day.

Sony was criticized after their February reveal of the PlayStation 4 for not having an actual “box” to show at the time, but with Microsoft’s “next-Xbox-extravaganza” in close reach, it all makes rather smart sense as to why they held off till now.

PlayStation 4 close up image 2

Looks like a jet plane – me likey!

On Monday, Sony released a snazzy teaser trailer for the PlayStation 4. Snazzy… and not much else. You don’t actually see what the PS4 looks like, but you do get a ton of close up shots of it that someone over on imgur managed to cut from the trailer (I sprinkled two of them here.)

Put them together and what do you got? Uh, well, not much. But it gets people talking – gamers cray cray for next-gen info across message boards to be exact – and steals a bit of buzz from Tuesday morning’s reveal of Microsoft’s next console. Witty move Sony, witty move.

Let the E3 2013 games begin! And for more coverage from the upcoming onslaught of gaming news that should flood the Internet leave it us on; we’ll clue you into the latest as well stories about iPhone robots that wake you and an awesome Nintendo themed arcade cabinet.