Apple might launch the new Apple TV in September

Apple could be getting ready to release the new version of their Apple TV in september this year, along with their own TV streaming service. Read all the details and leaks in this story!


The current Apple TV models were released in 2012, and are running on an A5 chip, the same one originally used and developed for the iPhone 4S. This time around, the new Apple TV would be running on a more recent chip, such as the A8 used on the iPhone 6. The plan seems to be to make a smaller gadget, with even more storage option – which really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

There were two big questions that the web has been asking about a new iteration of the Apple TV. The current interface seen in Apple’s TV box has been criticized for lacking polish, and the company knows this needs to be addressed. Might it be that they will use Siri and its voice commands to not underperform when compared to Google and Amazon’s Nexus Player and Fire TV, respectively?


Recent patent requests hint that Apple might be working on a tactile interface for the Apple TV. It’s not clear whether or not it’s going to use iPhones, or even have its own, 100% dedicated remote with a touch screen. When it comes to content, Apple TV’s version of streaming a la Netflix doesn’t seem to be quite ready, and might need some extra time. In the meanwhile, the Apple TV’s release was nowhere to be seen at the WWDC, and was delayed, so don’t expect a streaming service to launch along with this gadget, but instead, expect to have access to third party apps such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and several others. The idea, it seems, is to get people to buy this app and release their own streaming network several months later.

In retrospective, Apple originally announced the Apple Watch during the iPhone event last year, and a few leaks in production channels hint Apple might already be working on an iPhone 6S. It wouldn’t be too crazy if this phone’s announcement was released along with this Apple TV we’re discussing here.

We’re also expecting they’ll release a developer’s kit soon, along with a dedicated store bringing Apple TV to the same level as Android TV. Even if Apple do not release their own streaming network, developers might begin to work on it before it becomes the new gadget that everyone hopes to get.

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