Crowd Seats Is the Daily Deals Sites of the Sporting Sect

Daily deals sites appear to be here to stay whether we want them or not.  The fact of the matter is that these particular sites, while they can be annoying when they are flooding your inbox can be useful as well.

There are plenty of reasons why people would want to use a site that offers daily deals, such as trying to find the best father’s day gifts without breaking the bank or even to find the best places where you can share your particular brand of new and original thought bubbles with the Vibe app.  Now there appears to be a brand new daily deals site that works specifically for those looking for tickets to sporting events.

Crowd Seats is actually a combination of Groupon and Hotwire and while some of the deals that are offered on the other daily deals sites, there are certain factors that make sports tickets specially suited to this particular kind of business.  Travel sites like Hotwire work because hotels and motels realize that if a night goes buy with a room unrented, that room is gone forever.  The same kind of expiring service pertains to sporting events as well and after the game is over the ticket no longer has any market value.  Because of this, specific sporting events and team are going to see the value in selling tickets even if they are at a pretty big discount.  Of course these particular discounts aren’t going to be for the Final Four or the Superbowl but if you want to check out a Cubs or Whitesox game in the middle of April or the end of August, you might be able to get your hands on a ticket.  Like the daily deals sites, the more people who actually partake in the program, drive the price of the tickets down and make it more lucrative for teams to offer discounted tickets again later.

Like daily deals sites, you simply register at the Crowd Seats website and then they will email you any ticket deals in your city.  At the present time, the site only covers a handful of cities, (Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York) but if the idea catches on, expect more cities to be added soon.