DIY Angry Birds Costume for Halloween

Ever since the amazing game of Angry Birds was created people across the world have included them into their lives in some or the other form. You too must be one of them and having anything related to these angry but very cute little birds must be a charm. How about getting into the skin of an Angry Bird? Not literally speaking but you can surely do that to some extent.

With Halloween approaching you must be busy trying to make up your mind as to what costume to wear and it could be no better time to come across something as exciting as the Angry Birds costume. Lindsey, an Australian craft person from Sydney has come up with the wonderful design of the Angry Birds costume and is all prepared to show you how to do it for yourself.

First and foremost select the bird you want to be. You could be just any bird from the game. If you go for a round one you can follow Lindsey’s as is. If you go for any other shaped bird like the triangular yellow one you can alter the design a bit to suit the bird. As per the bird you will be creating you will require the material. This includes newspapers/butchers paper, pencil, strings, polyester material, fabric according to color needed for the bird’s designs, adhesives, poly fill toy stuffing, and a sewing machine. With all the material in place you should be ready to start your project.

Measure yourself as you need a size in to which you can fit in. It should neither be too large nor too small. On a butcher’s paper or joined newspapers draw a large circle for the round birds. Add a couple of inches to the circle top to give space for the shaping of the head. Next draw holes for the head and arms. On a separate piece of paper draw out the tummy panel and the face details. Once all designs are ready you need to trace them out on the desired felt color. Similarly all the other details need to be drawn and cut from the appropriate colored fabric.

All the pieces need to be assembled in the appropriate order to give the appearance of an Angry Bird. Your sewing machine will help you out with this. One interesting feature of this is the fact that works like a pillow. You need to fill it up with poly fills between the lining and the polyester.

Approximately after eight hours of fun filled working you will end up having an Angry Birds costume all for yourself. For more details you can always refer to Lindsey’s blog

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