Stair Railing Made from Ordinary LEGOs

When you think of a stair railing, you think of wrought iron or wood, because that is quite common. But for one loft owner, there was only one medium of choice – LEGOs.

Renovating a New York City loft can be lots of fun, you get to implement your own design options and create a space that is perfect for you and who you are. Well, interface design Vicente Caride and artist Melissa Marks weren’t going to just be ordinary during their Chelsea loft renovations, they were going to be extraordinary. To do that, they hired on Suzan Wines, with i-Bean Design to create an amazing wall and stair railing made out of around 20,000 LEGOs. That’s right, part of their loft is made out of LEGOs. How freaking awesome is that!? If you ask me, this is nothing short of AMAZING! (But I might be biased – I love LEGOs!)

Of course the LEGOs are held together with glue to make sure they do not fall apart or guests do not start trying to take them apart.

Don’t you like how they did the color scheme and everything? I would love to do something like that, but I don’t think my landlord would be very happy to see a wall made out of LEGOs.

(Via: Laughing Squid)

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