10 Collectible Star Trek Amigurumi Characters

Crafters and Trekkies of the world, unite! Check out this adorable set of 10 Star Trek: The Next Generation Amigurumi dolls created by avid crafter Xanadoodle. They are mini-doll versions of the most unforgettable characters from the hit TV series aired more than 20 years ago.

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Group 1

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Group 2

From the Japanese term meaning “knitted stuffed toy,” Amigurumi grew to become a hot web trend in 2003. Since then, millions of craft fanatics have made their own crocheted dolls in the image of their favorite characters from movies and TV. Some cute examples include comic book Amigurumi dolls featuring Marvel super heroes, and the classic thriller The Exorcist in crocheted form.

This set of 10 Star Trek TNG characters is an excellent addition to any Trekkie’s wish list. Each doll is approximately six inches tall, knitted from acrylic yarn, and stuffed with polyfill. The Amigurumi artist named the set Li’l Trekkies, and this cast of TNG characters is great for display on work desks or along with all other Star Trek collectibles.

The Li’l Trekkies cast of 10 includes iconic personalities like Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Counselor Troi, Q, Guinan, Lieutenants Worf, La Forge, and Data, as well as Dr. Crusher and her son, Wesley Crusher.

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Captain Picard

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Commander Riker

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Counselor Troi

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Q

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Guinan

Each Starship crew doll is expertly crafted following the color-coded uniforms along with mini Star Trek badges. Lieutenant Data’s Amigurumi has bright yellow eyes, and the doll version of Lieutenant La Forge sports the cool space-age optics. Lieutenant Worf’s recognizable Klingon forehead ridge is also added onto the knitted stuffed toy version.

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Lt Worf

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Lt Data

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Lt La Forge

For the other dolls, the creator captured details that make each character memorable. For instance, the Amigurumi version of Q dons the flowing robe reminiscent of TNG’s pilot episode, “Encounter at Farpoint.” Counselor Troi’s doll has the same dark and curly hairstyle, while Guinan’s mini-replica wears the purple headdress.

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Dr Crusher

Amigurumi Li'l Trekkies Wesley Crusher

The Amigurumi creator stresses that though these 10 Star Trek TNG dolls look cute and cuddly, they are however for display purposes only. They are not recommended as children’s playthings. In any case, this worldwide crafting and collecting trend has definitely made waves across the web, and it never seems to get old. Check out more Amigurumi creations and be surprised at the multitude of characters already rendered.

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