Sweet Mornings with Tetris Sugar

Some things start in our childhood and subtly follow us in to our adulthoods. It could be a habit or a passion but the craze for such things stay on. Tetris is one of them.

Way back in 1984 a Russian scientist named Alexey Pajitnov came up with the first ever version of the game Tetris. He might not have known how popular a game he was creating which would be enjoyed by every coming generation. The novelty of it is carried over from father to son and grandson and yet every time it is played it appears to be a new game. It was probably this craze for the game that led to the creation of the Tetris Sugar.

Designed by yet another Russian, Danil Zdorov, it may still be a concept but it is too sweet an idea to attract every Tetris fan. You could enjoy a wonderful cup of morning tea or coffee with a bowl full of sweet bricks to build. When engaged in a long meeting the cubes could be used to perk up the situation a bit. It could even lead to the flowing in of new ideas. On your first date, take along a pack of the sweet game. It is sure to help ease the situation. Not to mention that these sugar cubes are excellent boredom busters. Many situations, one solution.

This, definitely, is not the first time that a Tetris inspired concept has surfaced. Ever since the creation of the game many such concepts have successfully been designed in to real products. Take for example the game inspired tie, shoes, apparels, jewelry, furniture, toys, etc. Even eatables like cakes are designed using the famous four block shapes. Fans have gone to the extent of getting haircuts with the blocks shaped on their head, complete with multiple colors. There are also people who get themselves Tetris designed tattoos.

There is no end to the craze this fun filled game attracts. Numbers are proof of its popularity – it is played in over 50 countries and the game has been translated in about 50 languages. It has been released in about 30 different platforms. The numbers might have grown since these were recorded around a year back. Tetris friends can even be followed on the very popular social networking website Twitter.

A very popular game loaded with sugar is sure to be a perfect start for the day. You may not want to have a whole brick in your beverage but can surely enjoy the game.

The child in all of us will jump to get these Tetris sugar immediately. In fact, who wouldn’t try the mouth watering Tetris Cake and love to play Tetris Sugar Game?