Star Trek Interactive Kids Book

Call it a quiet book or a textured book; these lovely little pieces are one of the best ways to teach little ones in a fun filled manner. You can easily put together all the stuff you want for your angel and have a whole new world of learning. Julie has excellent creative ideas that introduce kids to new concepts bringing about an atmosphere of learning and fun.

Julie had come up with the Jedi Quiet Book which took children into the magical world of Star Wars. She has now come up with a similarly interesting and engrossing little piece of the Star Trek Quiet Book. Having grown up in the Star Trek era she sure must have been very impressed by the series. She now wishes to take toddlers back into the fantasy world of the Star Trek which was full of interesting characters, ideas, and a gripping storyline. It had everything in it that would fascinate every young mind. The space ship for instance is one thing that has always been a subject of interest for all children.

In the Star Trek Quiet Book Julie has made every attempt to bring out the key points of this very popular television series. The book has lovely stars, planets, space ships, flaps opening up to reveal the characters, activities to help dress up these characters, and much more. All that you have to do is hand over this book to a toddler and sit back. You will be amazed to see him go from page to page and enjoy every bit of activity displayed on each consecutive page.

Mentioning a few details will surely arouse curiosity in the minds of adults also and the look of it leave you with a desire to own a piece. The Star Trek members are neatly concealed behind a door like flap and the Vulcan salute that has been pinned on a page is a glove. Kids can easily slip their hands in to this glove and practice the ever so famous Vulcan salute. Another interesting activity involves the task of dressing up Picard. It won’t be surprising that every Star Trek fan too ends up playing with the book.

This neatly done quiet book by Julie is an admirable piece of work put together by her. This is however, not the end. She has many more ideas and plans to come up with quiet books for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Beetles.

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