Mind-Blowing Star Wars Apparel by Adidas

Many of us completely geek out when presented with Star Wars references or merchandise, and Adidas has managed (and will continue managing) to profit quite well off of us with their Star Wars collections. We’ve covered Adidas’ previous releases like their Spring/Summer Collection as well as individual designs like their Jabba The Hutt Shoes and the very awesome Boba Fett Sneakers. As GeeksAreSexy has shown us, for their fall/winter collection, Adidas is matching the chilly weather to some designs based more off Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back.

Adidas Darth Vader Crossing Guard

Darth Vader Adidas Jacket

Darth Vader Adidas Sneakers

They waste no time getting to the awesome with this pic of Darth Vader acting as a crossing guard, performing his job quite well by ditching the stop sign and using force abilities to stop cars short of the crosswalk. Along with the pic are the designs they have planned, including some white shoes with blue interior, Darth Vader’s iconic helmet on the outside, and black laces. I would have expected them to go all black with the Vader design, but that’s answered with their jacket which not only looks bulky and warm, but also takes plenty of design cues from Vader’s armor.

Adidas Han Solo Laundry Day

Adidas Hoth Flight Jacket

Adidas Hoth Sneakers

The next set of pics shows a soldier doing laundry, no doubt Han Solo once you notice that low-slung holster. I’m also assuming the outfit he’s wearing isn’t part of the collection, especially since we see two very-obviously marketable pieces of attire in the same photo. The first is a really awesome jacket with a bit of a retro flight jacket style, done up in dark green with orange accents. The second, being Adidas of course, is a pair of sneakers which just might rival the Boba Fett ones linked earlier. Like the jacket, they’re a dark green, although these have white soles and the orange accents are a bit more subtle. Han is featured on the tongue and the Millennium Falcon is pictured on the side. The Adidas logo looks a bit out of place on some of their earlier designs, but it blends in well with this one.

Adidas Wampa Mowing Lawn

Adidas Wampa Shoes

Adidas Rogue Squadron Jacket

Adidas Skywalker Shoes Hoth

Last up, we see a Wampa mowing the lawn. It’s pretty obvious to see why they enjoy living in caves on ice planets because, really, who likes having to mow the lawn? The Wampa is rewarded for his dutiful yard work with footwear of his own, some cool, white kicks with a fur-like design and red laces, no doubt to represent the bloodied white fur of the snow beast and the bones he gnaws on. A white jacket with what appears to be a black interior is a Rogue Squadron jacket, and while the white definitely fits with the overall Hoth theme, it doesn’t quite have the flight jacket/military look of Han’s. Luke Skywalker’s shoes, on the other hand, definitely rival Han’s. In a more neutral tan/brown and white color scheme, they’re easier to wear with various outfits than the Han Solo ones might be. There’s some weird puffiness likely representing winter clothing, although I doubt these sneakers will prevent you from frostbite if you should happen to get stranded on Hoth. I recommend crawling inside a Tauntaun instead.