Business Cards for Star Wars Characters

People never run out of ideas to do something creative and original with Star Wars characters. The next stage? Business cards, in the case Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker might be looking for a job.

Etsy user frommntoyou explains that her sister gave these to her when she was a kid. She’s held onto them since she was very young, and now she is selling them on Etsy for $10 each. They are perfect for those people who like to collect unique Star Wars pieces, but she only has one of each.

Great for doing magic tricks at kids parties, like choking one of the parents from the other side of the room.

Despite the impressive Senate and Diplomatic credentials, looks more like an invite to a beauty parlor.

Looks like a garage for robots or spare parts shop.

Professional hero sounds like kinda made up.

Retired smuggler looking to make a living flying shotgun next to someone.

Soldiers of fortune, just not very good ones.

How many people need a former general?

Criminal for hire.

Best bar this side of the galaxy.

Junk dealers, operating underground pawnshops.

No one likes Pikeys.

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