Fan-Created Paper Mario: Sticker Star Dioramas

A small gallery of dioramas based on the latest Paper Mario game that are certainly eye-popping. Check them out!

Paper Mario Sticker Star diorama by Daniel P. image

Paper Mario: Sticker Star features an amazing graphical advantage that makes it a special game to own on the Nintendo 3DS. It looks like a pop-up book in full-motion with Mario, his co-staring cohorts, and gameplay actions presented in a diorama-esque form.

Hmm… sounds to me like the perfect promotional tie-in by way of a contest where smart-thinking fans can submit their own Sticker Star dioramas, which to their snappy credit, Nintendo announced a couple of weeks back on their 3DS Facebook page.

They told their followers that the best five dioramas would get an awesome prize pack including a Nintendo 3DS XL, a copy of Sticker Star, a Nintendo eShop gift certificate, and a handmade papercraft trophy.

Paper Mario Sticker Star diorama by David M. image

Paper Mario Sticker Star diorama by Gigi D.G. image

You bet your glue-gun, construction paper, and crafting scissors they got a bunch of entries, but of course, only five could win as I mention up top. And here, as you see before you dear reader, are those five fantastic choices.

A few of these paper-assembled creations – in particular the tornado-twisting tower presented in David M.’s diorama (second image from the top) – just leave me astonished by their level of imagination. You’d have to be the most cynical person in the world to hate on these guys (oh, but I’m sure someone will!)

There are more detailed pictures of these dioramas on Nintendo’s 3DS Facebook page to discover if you’re inclined to do so and the game they’re based on, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, is in North American stores already. You should probably check that out, I dunno.

Paper Mario Sticker Star diorama by Dominik K. image

Paper Mario Sticker Star diorama by Miranda E. image

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