Boba Fett & Stormtrooper Cakes: These Are The Cakes You’re Looking For

Boba Fett just became the tastiest bounty hunter in the galaxy. This time he will end up in the belly of a happy cake lover instead of the belly of the “almighty sarlacc.”

Charm City Cakes (the bakery from TLC’s Ace of Cakes) recently revealed on their blog that they would be selling “Cakes For Two,” to reach a wider audience of cake-eaters. The Boba Fett creation is just one of many deliciously awesome cakes produced by Baltimore-based bakery.¬†Available in all sorts of flavors, the usually ruthless villain has never been sweeter. The detailed damage of his helmet really shows the amount of creativity being put into this cake. If the cake is only big enough to serve two, imagine how many people a replica of the Slave I could feed.


Another available cake blasting its way into your stomach is a stormtrooper bust. Stormtroopers don’t usually get to much love food-wise, but the cake creators again go into great detail, making sure the cake is the right height as to not confuse Princess Leia. Ultimately, this stormtrooper won’t be able to recognize if your droids are or are not the specifics droids he is looking for. He will, however, help indulge your sweet tooth.


The third Star Wars themed cake is a customizable space battle. On the side of the cake is a shootout between the Millenium Falcon and what appears to be an Imperial Star Destroyer. In the midst of the battle is a customizable message. In my opinion, it would have been fitting if Luke had received a similar cake that read, “I am your father.” On the top of the cake is the Death Star, allowing you to witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational cake.


With three Star Wars cakes in their arsenal, Charm City Cakes shows they are true fans of the original trilogy. Trekkies will have to look elsewhere for Shatner or Tribble-related cakes.

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Via: Charm City Cakes