Star Wars Characters Crayons Look Yummy

One of the ways to make sure that you are remaining loyal to your favourite TV series or video game is to buy fan merchandise while the producers are busy making sequels.

For years, Star Wars has managed to be one of the most enduring science fiction series in the world, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that almost every kind of merchandise is available in the market that is devoted to Star Wars fans. Etsy seller extramoneyformommy makes crayons that are inspired by Star Wars characters and it is pretty clear that a lot of people would want to buy them, just to please their inner Star Wars fanboy soul. Skeptics and naysayers might grunt that she might have just used a mould and the right mixture of wax in order to manufacture these crayons.

Nonetheless, they do look good and who on earth would have the time to buy a mould and also mix wax and finally make crayons that look like your favourite characters from a science fiction series that you loved as a kid? Well, not many of us would to go through the trouble. The gutsy lady sure knows that there must be a huge market for such crayons and has unveiled colourful crayons that are inspired by different Star Wars characters. One of the coolest ones are the Han Solo shaped crayons and I would seriously buy these crayons if she made some that would be inspired by my favorite characters.

There really is something ultra cool about making use of market opportunities no matter how trivial they may seem. It is all about how creative a person is. People as creative as this crayon maker are the ones who succeed in life, as they know what can sell and when it stops selling how they can make something else that will sell much better. We had similarly written about Star Wars Crayon Sculptures, which actually were regular crayons that were turned into sculptures. That is more art than commerce.