11 Star Wars Crossover Artworks

As there are no new Star Wars movies coming out, with the myth of the third trilogy currently remaining exaclty that, a myth, us Jedi geeks need to entertain ourselves somehow. But How? How?!!!! Well, thank god for crossover and mashup artworks.

Whether it’s the Muppets doing their best impersonation of star wars or the holy grail of Star Trek and Star Wars together. Marvel Villains and DC heroes and even folks from fairy tales and classic stories, these Star Wars crossover artworks cater to all needs, fantasies and geeky desires.

Star Wars vs Star Trek Celebrity Poker

Picard dishing out some punishment to Riker, Vader and Admiral Ackbar.

Han Solo, Star Fleet Officer?


Bobba Fett and Deadpool partnering up. Even Han Solo makes a cameo in their TV show, which would probably get cancelled rather quickly.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Yoda and Kermit fishing on Dagobah.

Han and Chewie Join the Muppets Cast

Rapunzel as Princess Leia

Rapunzel and Jabba in some kinky S&M.

Jabba in Wonderland

You shouldn’t ask advice from a piece of slime. Jabba was originally described as a cross between a toad and the Cheshira Cat.

Doctor Doom vs Darth Vader

Joker & Batman = Jedi & Sith

The bad guys win in this one.

Not the Droids You’re Looking For

Timon and Pumba make a rare Lion King – Star Wars crossover work, dressing up as R2-D2 and C-3PO.