Star Wars’ Star Destroyer Ice Luge

Ever imagine cooling your drink with a Star Destroyer? I would have preferred the Millennium Falcon but this ice luge fashioned after a Star Destroyer will suffice. Homages to Star Wars in ice and snow have been seen before. A Han Solo trapped in carbonite ice carving and Tauntaun snow sculptures are a couple we’ve seen in the past but never before has there been one as useful as this Star Wars-themed ice sculpture.

Finished Star Destroyer Ice Luge

Sketch of Star Destroyer Luge

The pictured Star Destroyer ice luge was designed and created as a birthday present for a fan of both Star Wars and drinking. This one-of-a-kind gift was sculpted from a 300-pound block of ice which subsequently broke the picnic table it was resting on. It was created using a chainsaw, an electric drill with a one-inch spade bit and a lot of patience.

Ice Block Breaks Table

Cutting Ice with Chainsaw

I couldn’t think of a better way to help celebrate a birthday than icing drinks by pouring them through a Star Destroyer luge. It definitely adds to the uniqueness of an otherwise standard yearly event.

If you decide to carve your own Star Wars ice luge masterpiece at home (or whatever theme you may fancy) the ice used here was procured from an ice sculpture company. This resulted in the clearness of the ice in the final sculpture. You can also attempt to freeze your own blocks at home but results vary depending on the freezing process used.

Block of Ice

If only we all had a good friend as talented and creative as Instructable’s user Incrxtc. A themed ice sculpture is a great way to tailor any birthday, wedding or other special event to a special hobby or interest and make it more memorable.

Via: Instructables