Cute Android Cupcakes: The Edible Mobile OS

When I saw these cupcakes, I flashed back to the first time I saw the ‘create-your-own-android’ app on my friend’s phone. My reaction? ‘What is this? Why would anyone want to …?’ Fast forward to 2 hours later, and you would have found me happily tip-tapping away, making little green replicas of my friends and family.

Android, for all you iPhone users out there, is Google’s mobile OS for smartphones,  netbooks and tablets . It also features a mascot of the same name, which is reproduced here in the form of Gary Ham’s adorable Android cupcakes.

I wish I knew more about how they were made, but I’m sure that any attempt to reproduce them on my part would lead to some pretty sad and pathetic little lumps of dough. These ones look so amazing you almost can’t believe that they are actually edible. I can’t figure out what I’d do if I bought one: immediately bite off the head and other extremities, or put it on top of my computer with my other figurines (where it would presumably melt eventually and trickle chocolate goo down the screen).

The little guys come in both vanilla and chocolate flavor, and they are available for sale this Friday from the Superham store, although they don’t come cheap at $30 for vanilla and $50 for chocolate: the rarest of the rare. These are not your momma’s bake-sale cupcakes, kids. If anyone intends to buy one, I would dearly love to know how they taste.

Via: Superham