Star Wars Dog Cosplay: Banthas, AT-AT And Tauntauns Galore!

Our best friends can now join us in our passion by cosplaying as some of our favorite creatures from Star Wars. Who knows, these are so cute you might even be able to sneak them in the movie theater once Episode VII comes out!


Now here’s something unique! This is a series of Star Wars dog costumes created by the Costume Craze team.  Your pet/friend/bro/sister can now join you in your hobby (whether it is cosplaying or Star Wars, your call) with some quite unique design, featuring Banthas, AT-AT, and Tauntauns amongst others. Hell, most of these even include a rider to round up the deal. Maybe you could replace that with a kitty and go for the perfect costume involving both your pets?




Source: Geekologie

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