Paper Mario Goes The Stained Glass Way… And It Rocks

Have you ever stared at your window and thought “Man, this could really use some Paper Mario on it”? Because we know we have, and luckily, someone complied.

Paper mario stained glass 1

There are lots of really creative and talented people at Etsy, but MartianGlasswork is by far one of our favorites. One of the latest pieces we saw by him/her is this incredible rendition of good old Mario, in his Paper Mario version, and in a truly impressive size.

Paper mario stained glass 2

Paper mario stained glass 3

The piece measures exactly 30″x35″, and used 120 feet of foil and 4 rolls of solder. That’s big, like, really big. Still, if you like it, it can be yours for $200 USD if you visit their Etsy store.

Source: Etsy

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