14 Awesome Star Wars Shirts

Star Wars and shirts usually combine well, as the shirts are cool on their own, but also give a funny spin to something over-referenced.  It’s that “everyone knows what we’re speaking of” feel that makes them so special. As such, we went around looking for some of our favorite designs, and this is what we’ve found.

Star Wars Unforgettable Walk

Star Wars Unforgetable Walk

This shirt really takes us back to the times where we used to watch The Lion King 2 or 3 times a day.

Via: Qwertee

Star Wars Meets Pulp Fiction Shirt

Star Wars Pulp Fiction Shirt

Meet our pals Darth Vader and Boba Fett taking over Jules Winfeld and Vincent Vega’s work in this shirt.

Admiral Ackbar + Ghostbusters Shirt

Ackbar Ghostbusters Shirt

Why, yes, Mr. Ackbar, it is a trap indeed! Now go and catch some ghosts! Via: Tee Fury

Vader “Who’s Your Daddy” Shirt

Vader Who's Your Daddy Shirt

Via: Blackout Tees

Star Wars Skyrim Shirt


The old meets the new, but we’re sure a light saber could pierce through any dragon. Via: Technabob

Fighting Irish Star Wars Shirt

Fighting Irish Star Wars

The charm of the northern lands meets the charm of a galaxy far, far away. Via: Red Bubble

Your Empire Needs You Shirt

We love everything about this one. From the pop culture/propagandistic references to the stencil art style. Via: tCritic

R2-D2 Chased By An At-At Unit

R2 At At

Finally, a shirt that portrays a likely reaction to some of the incredible and unbelievable things that happen in the movies.

Via: GeeksOfDoom

Pacifist Star Wars Shirt

Pacifist Star Wars Shirt

The best way to give a message is the geeky way. And hardly any message is more important than this one. Via: Spreadshirt

Abbey Road Stormtroopers

Abbey Road Stormtroopers

Come together through the bathroom window of the Death Star, because here comes the sun.

Via: Agent M Loves Tacos

Han Guitar Solo

Guitar Han Solo

This is pretty much the only way Han Solo could be cooler than he already is.

Via: MyDisguises

Injured At-At Shirt

Boo Boo Walker

Via: tCritic

Zelda Star Wars

Zelda Star Wars

The galaxy is wider than Hyrule, but you don’t judge quests just by the size of the land!

Via: IGN

Top Gun Empire Shirt

Top Gun Empire Shirt

A true classic meets another classic. Goose or Biggs, whose death is the saddest?

Via: Shirtoid

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