The New Media Workout Plan

With how many hours we spend sitting at our computers playing around on our favorite social media sites, it’s no wonder your behind is in the shape of your desk chair! Here’s an easy-to-follow Web 2.0 exercise plan that can be performed by just about anyone.

So what are you waiting for? Get up off that thing and get the blood flowing with these 6 hot moves.

Each of these exercise sets should be performed each time you enter onto their respective sites. Heading to Facebook? Jog in place for 1 minute before doing so. Tumblr catch your interest? It’s time for 10 push-ups. Hey you, Twitter fiend! Put those arms to use by doing 25 arm circles. RSS addict? Try for 25 sit-ups each time you open up Google Reader. Flickr time? More like 10 jumping jacks time! Oh no, another Digg user … try doing 20 toe touches (putting your dirty bare feet up on the desk to do so does not count!).

Workout plan by Patrick Moberg.

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