Amnesia Primm: Steampunk at its Best

When a sculptor sculpts a piece of art with passion the results are outstanding. That piece of creation carries its identity with it and speaks for itself and its creator. The same could be said about Amnesia Primm, the steampunk art creation by one of the best artists in this field, Doktor A.

Amnesia Primm is a fine example of the steampunk art form that had gained prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. A close look at this figure will help you see through the various materials used in the creation of this elegant looking lady. You can spot ABS, brass, vinyl, lead, copper, rubber, steel, silver and itsy bitsy found objects. Combined together, all of them create a stunning effect.

Being well poised with that look of amazement on her face she has her own story to tell. She is Amnesia Primm who just cannot afford to have a short term memory as she does not remember this fact. She, however, is gripped with a feeling of paranoia and is under this firm belief that her house is inhabited by someone else besides her. The only problem is that she cannot see this other person though there are traces of occupation. When she is out of the room the food is eaten up or her books and letters are rearranged without her knowledge. To avoid all such happenings she takes to locking every room on exit. But that leads to yet another problem. How does she keep track of so many keys? You can see her carrying a whole bunch of keys while there are quite a few strewn around her. Poor little Amnesia Primm! Hope she succeeds in putting an end to all such unwanted incidents in her house.

Amnesia Primm is a carefully sculpted piece which has been displayed at the Mr Wistlecraft’s Tarnished Daydreams show. This is a solo show of the artist Doktor A in his home turf of Iksentrik in Bath which will run throughout the month of April, 2011. This is his first show on home ground and has for display a whole year’s hard work of sculpting and crafting. Each piece of art is intimidating in itself considering the sheer amount of precise work involved. If you are a fan of steampunk art you cannot miss taking a look at the pieces displayed in this show. Catch Amnesia Primm at the show along with many of her friends. Interspersed with the sculptures are also ink drawings and paintings.

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