Search Engine Steampunk Android Toys

There is nothing more interesting than a bunch of Steampunk sculptures that are put up for sale at an art exhibition. This time around, an artist has unveiled curious Android themed Steampunk art pieces, which not only look bizarre, but also look vaguely scary.

The artful pieces are made of the usual Steampunk materials such as brass, rubber, leather, various other pieces of metal and oodles of enthusiasm. The Android sculptures are part of the Imaginary Menagerie, which shall open at the Oh No Doom in Chicago. They are called Search Engines, and they are apparently made to help one hunt out things that we find difficult to find.

An object could be set at a department store or a departure platform at a railway station. The little guys would magically bring the lost objects back to0 you. Of course, they are kidding and these are nothing but artful Steampunk objects that look vaguely similar to the Android logo. These sculptures bring back the innocence that existed during the industrial age, when anything that was made from iron and other metals was considered way too hi-tech.

A century later, things have changed so much that such iron sculptures do not surprise us anymore. However, if they look a little out of place, they may end up scaring us. That is exactly what these guys do to you when you go ahead and place them in a corner where people may not be expecting to find them. These Android toys have been created by DYZ plastic and they come in a set of 5. Any Android fan would definitely love to grab these toys before someone else does.

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