13 Incredible Realistic PokeBalls

Ever wondered how Pokeballs might look like? Your imagination can take a pause from its high-powered activities and rest, because Australian artist Barry Wazzy probably imagined it better than you can ever hope to do, and actually did some incredible art work with what roamed around his mind.

And just to unite all sorts of geeks around his incredible work, he didn’t limit his Pokeballs to Pokemon alone – You’ll find comic book heroes, video game protagonists and other evil or not dudes and robots hiding within the spheres.


Kratos Pokeball

I highly doubt that Kratos, the God of War protagonist, who is actual a demigod, would allow himself to be caught inside a pokeball.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Peter Parker would actually get caught by Ash or someone else. He is a rather vulnerable soul.

Batman Pokeball


Too submissive not to include.


Seeing as Pokeballs can grow and capture rather large individuals, Transformers will fit in nicely, even the bad and noisy ones.

Optimus Prime


Who knows what this one will evolve into?


Link’s actually small enough to fit inside the Pokeball without any adjustments.

For some reason, this is the Pokemon I hate the most. Squirrels and turtles freak me out I guess, especially in a cartoon mash-up.


Seems kind of painful to hold on to.


Too much evil, death and Ralph Fiennes to hold in one Pokeball. And carrying on with the Harry Potter theme…

The Golden Snitch

If this didn’t satisfy your hunger for online Pokemon stuff, maybe these Pokemon pumpkin faces will do the trick.