Steampunk Bauta Venetian Mask

Bauta Masks are traditional Venetian masks that aimed to bring the classes together. Venice was one of the most important commercial cities in the Medieval Europe, and class differences were extremely pronounced.

Wearing masks during festivities helped to bring classes together in times of celebrations and also allow them to interact with each other under conditions of anonymity. This amazing Steampunk Bauta Venetian Mask from the house of Bob Basset looks pretty burlesque in nature, and seems to be made from brass and leather. Traditionally Bauta Masks never had an opening around the mouth, and covered the entire face. However, the Steampunk Bauta Venetian Mask seems to have an opening around the mouth so that the wearer can eat or drink easily.

The leather covering at the back might help the wearer to shield him or herself from the elements, and it also gives an aura of Steampunk culture. While the Carnival of Venice still draws crowds, you may not want to wear the Steampunk Bauta Venetian Mask over there, as the masks in Venice are known for their refined beauty.

Steampunk might be something that the Carnival organizers may not be able to handle. The weird pipe that stems from the leather covering at the back of the mask seems more like a channel for air passage than anything else. Perhaps this mask could be worn in one of the science fiction skits that they have in schools and colleges.

If you are a student and were looking for a cool way to bring Carnivals of Venice to where you are, get the Steampunk Bauta Venetian Mask. You could also take a look at other masks from the house of Bob Basset like the Steampunk Gimp Mask, Dieselpunk Leather Mask and the Steampunk Mohawk Mask. I am sure these and the other Bob Basset masks would allow you to hide your true identity from those around you.