Freaky Steampunk Gimp Mask

If we assume that the post-apocalyptic future going to be exactly like the Mad Max trilogy, this Steampunk gimp mask will definitely be a fashion must. 

Besides keeping the dust out of your eyes as you barrel down the highway on your souped-up futurecycle, it will also come in handy when you’re being taken roughly from behind by some guy wearing spiked football pads.

The mask is actually a combination of four separate pieces, each of which can be worn separately. Remove the goggles, and this horrific fleshy-looking face stares back at you:

Oh the horror!

Removing the mouthpiece, we find the classical Lecter-style mask, beloved of criminal psych wards and BDSM fetishists alike:

And finally …

C3PO?  What’s he doing there? If you’re having trouble seeing the resemblance, just imagine it spray-painted gold:


The mask is made of leather, and even comes with a handy leash in case you want to take your gimp out in public. I must say thought that the craftsmanship and level of detail on each of the individual parts is incredible. The mask covers both the front and back of the head, with clips and buckles for all the attachments.

It seems to me that it would be a wee bit claustrophobic and hard to breathe in there, but I am sure there are people who enjoy that sort of thing.

Last, but not least, the mask is pictured here with a stylish leather and canvas bag, presumably in case you need somewhere to store the still-beating hearts of your hapless victims.

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Via: Bob Basset