Steampunk Star Wars DL-44 Gun

Star Wars fans usually find innovative ways to create and develop merchandise that are totally cool. for instance, PitYak Studios has uploaded images of brass Star Wars DL-44 gun.

The gun was built after getting rid of the innards and fake barrel of a cheap Chinese-made toy gun. With a few tweaks and a number of screws and bolts later, the plastic Chinese-made gun looks absolutely wicked and straight out of a Steampunk scene that sits somewhere vaguely between a Star Wars episode and an Industrial era collection of weapons.

The DL-44 was featured in the Star Wars series a number of times and it was the weapon of choice of the General and Alliance hero, once-smuggler Han Solo. It was later used by Rosh Penin, Jaden Korr and other New Jedi Order students when they went on missions. The DL-44 was notorious for being extremely powerful and accurate. The best feature of the gun was that it was highly modifiable and was the prime choice of weapon from Han Solo to smugglers, bounty killers and even the Rebellion. The vibration system which was built into the gun made it all the more attractive to Star Wars fans.

Meanwhile, PitYak Studios has done a really good job at giving the cheap Chinese-made gun a Star Wars DL-44 touch and it really looks rather authentic. Of course, it is just a model and can’t do much but entice geeks into a conversation about Star Wars. Nonetheless, it almost looks like a work of art and may even be treated as such. If you wanted to take a look at some other cool ammunition and weapons, do go though the list we created, in which we featured 20 Miniature Weapons. You might also want to read about the Lego Star Wars At-At, if you don’t find weapons all that cool.