Video Game Coasters

So you have your buddies over for some serious gaming, and some serious beverages. And then somebody has to spoil the fun by leaving a red ring of death on your coffee table. These cool video game-inspired coasters may be exactly what you need.

Etsy user iamadecoy has created these cute coasters. Yeah, some people, the kind who decry the Wii as the death of gaming, think that the words “cute” and “video game” don’t even belong in the same universe, much less the same article. Even a person like me who’d ambivalent towards memes as I am has to say on occasion, that haters are, in fact, gonna hate.

First up, some cool “Final Fantasy” coasters.

Final Fantasy Coasters

Also, here are some cross-stitch “Super Mario Bros”. coasters, as well as some permutations on Link from “The Legend of Zelda.” The cross-stitch technique works perfectly for these classics of the 8-bit era. They even come in an NES controller holder.

Mario Coasters

Mario Coasters in box

Fans of modern games will also have a place to spill, er, put your drinks, with these coasters, with these coasters based on GLaDOS from the “Portal” games.


For those wondering what to get their geeky significant others for Valentine’s Day, iamadecoy would like to remind you that the coasters sell for $15-25 each and she’s also done lots of other neat things, which are available on her Etsy store.

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