Steampunk Mod For Sony Vaio Laptop

Sony has produced some of the best laptops around with their Vaio series, sleek looking and modern. But what if they had been around in the Victorian age? Well, they’d look something like this.

Steampunk Vaio

We aren’t gonna lie: we are sort of Sony fanboys here at Walyou, but above all, we love Steampunk, so this is a match made in heaven. We’d pack that computer and ride the Nautilus chasing adventure and writing a blog about it.

Steampunk Vaio 2

This item is the creation of John Dunn, from Texas, and he is selling it at his Etsy store at $1,250 USD. Don’t get frightened by the number, this is still cheaper than a gaming laptop.

Steampunk Vaio 3

Congrats to the artist! Also, check out some more Steampunk goodies at Blow Off Some Steam With The Steampunk Xbox 360 Controller and Steampunk PS3 Mod Design.