Zombified Angry Birds

Ok, ok, so you might be tired of hearing about “Angry Birds” but if there’s something that never goes out of style, it’s zombies.

Angry Zombie Birds

It’s surprising that the idea of zombie “Angry Birds” hasn’t come up sooner considering that these birds are risking life and feathers to take back their eggs from the evil pig empire. Some of the birds fight for their cause by smashing against ice, concrete and wood while others have a more kamikaze approach. Well, these birds just won’t stay down and they’ve come back from the dead to get back those brains er…eggs at whatever cost.

Angry Zombie Red Bird

The image is created by Tomasz Kaczkowski and features all five birds with the pig empire in flames behind them. If you look closely you can see a pile of, what looks like, dead piggies to the right of the birds. Each bird has different parts of their body missing, some seem to match up to their respective powers in the game: The red bird has its head split open, the yellow bird has part of its face missing, the white bird has its entrails hanging out, the blue bird is missing a part of its face and a section of flesh from its ribcage, and the black bird, well, it should be missing a whole lot more.

Angry Zombie Yellow Bird

Despite the grim nature of zombies, the birds retain their feathery cuteness and it might be hard to think of them as killer zombie birds. Now if this were to be made into a game, would the game be any different? Instead of catapulting the birds into structures, would they be catapulted towards a crowd of hysterically running pigs? Now that would be something. Either way, it’s fun to think about the possibilities of a zombie anything because, hey, zombies make everything better.

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Via: Behance