Batman vs Superman: What We Know So Far

The internet seems to be buzzing for good and/or bad about Ben Affleck being cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the sequel to ‘Man of Steel’, but people tend to forget that what’s important, most of the time, is the Director’s vision, the quality of the script and other “backgroundy” things, not the identity of the actor.


So the name isn’t set in stone. It might be Superman vs Batman or the other way around, but you get the general point. Zack Snyder will be the director one more time, and will write the script along with Affleck and David Goyer according to the most recent rumors, but at this point they’re still in pre-production, writing the general story to the film.

Comic-Con revealed that it’ll have a fight between the two DC Superheroes, which means there’s a decent chance it’ll be influenced by the Frank Miller ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ story, which ended in a street fight between the two.

Goyer has stated that the film won’t be an adaptation of that work, although it will bare some similarities. It will also be about the ending of ‘Man of Steel’ (warning, spoiler alert), which includes him killing Zod which is something that surprised many.

Villain (maybe the most important thing)? Well, Lex Luthor, hinted with all the LexCorp buildings in the first film has a good chance of appearing. Right now, the name everyone is mentioning seems to be the baddest SOB on television, Walter White, or the actor portraying him, Bryan Cranston.

Right now, it’s speculation. Maybe it’s because he’s evil in the TV show, or maybe because he’s convincing as a bald man. It’s too soon to tell right now. Mark Strong has also been mentioned as he might take on another villainous role, which seem to be following him around.

The more important thing might be how Luthor will be portrayed. According to Goyer (although he mentioned this a while back, before the San Diego Comic-Con), the Lex Luthor of their world is going to be someone like Bill Gates. A billionaire, not a crook like in previous films.

The date of the film is July 17, 2015. Beyond that? We only know that Henry Cavill (Superman), Amy Adams (Lois), Laurence Fishburne (Perry), and Diane Lane (Martha) will also reprise their roles from the previous movie.