Moves Like Jabba – Star Wars Dances To Maroon 5

Star Wars characters have starred in viral videos before, and that’s nothing new. But replacing pop culture references to Jagger with Jabba? Well, that you don’t see every day. And make no mistake, we love the Rolling Stones and have a deep respect for the guys behind “Gimme Shelter” and “You Can’t Always get What you Want”, but this has nothing to do with them, but with the hit song by Maroon 5. Oh, and Star Wars. Damn, we love Star Wars.

Jabba dances 1

Jabba, as a crime overlord, knows how to live the good life. That is no secret, for he is the Star Wars universe equivalent of a pimp and the Godfather, combined in one single, legless monstrosity. Hell, we even know he has a good taste, for he has even had Princess Leia amongst his personal servants. We all remember how that ended, but that’s beside the point. What we were trying to get at is that, if someone in the Star Wars universe is gonna care about the music and arts as a man of high society, that’d be Jabba.

Well, the guys from Break saw the potential, and made a song-tribute using the music of Maroon 5’s critically acclaimed “Moves Like Jagger” that Jabba would appreciate, at least, up until he noticed the lyrics. Throughout the video, fans can see most of the Star Wars characters (even carbonite Han!) dancing to the electro-pop hit of the summer, all the while poking fun at his allegedly unhealthy eating habits. We bet it’s glandular, though, we rarely see him (or anyone else, for that matter) eating throughout the movies.

In any case, the Break guys nailed it with this song and, while there’s no Christina Aguilera to sing along, the funny details are enough to keep us interested. If you liked this parody, you might wanna check Dr. Seuss Meets Star Wars and Surprised Darth Vader.