Detailed Life-Like Model of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs may be gone, but one Chinese company is building a lifelike foot-tall model of the late Apple co-founder.

InIcons has announced that the model will sell for $99.99. When it becomes available in February, the company promises that buyers will get two pairs of glasses and three pairs of hands with the model, plus Jobs’ trademark black mock turtleneck and jeans. The head is seriously detailed, almost as if you’re looking at him.

Steve Jobs model 1

They company has announced that they’ve already stopped taking pre-orders, which might giver an indication of the model’s success and the fervent following Steve Jobs and Apple still cultivate. Steve Jobs might be the Jim Morrison of computing. There’s still the question of whether Apple’s lawyers will let InIcons sell it in the first place. Apple is notoriously litigious about things that Apple doesn’t like. Still, some people will want to own a piece of Jobs’ legacy, no matter what.

Steve Jobs model 2

Steve Jobs model 3

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