Super Mario Bros. Wedding Invitations

One couple announcing their wedding recently did it in a geeky way with Super Mario Bros.-themed wedding invitations.

When artist Larry T. Quatch‘s friends, Esther and Ryan, decided to get married, he created something truly special instead of the stuffy, boring old wedding announcements. For a couple who had previously appeared on Conan O’Brian’s show Esther wearing a Rikkuma costume, and Larry dressed as Harry Potter. Esther requested a Super Mario Bros.-themed wedding and Quatch more than delivered.

Super Mario Bros. Wedding invitation

The card comes in an orange envelope (orange being one of the official colors of the wedding) and opens up to reveal a sight no doubt many children of the ’80s saw: an NES cartridge in its black sleeve. And not just any cartridge, but Super Mario Bros, but with “Super Wedding” replacing the title of the “cartridge,” for the Tanouye (Esther’s last name) Entertainment system.

The cartridge, when it’s taken out of the sleeve, opens up to reveal the wedding invitation, a game screen with Mario dressed up as the groom, standing next to his bride (Peach is presumably in another castle). The card also came with RSVP, registry, and direction cards.  If any guests got lost on their way to the ceremony, did they blow on the invitation before trying to find directions?

Super Mario Bros. Wedding Centerpiece

If that wasn’t enough, Quatch also created a centerpiece based on the game’s trademark blocks. The block opens up to reveal a card thanking the guests for attending and another card showing which entrée they’d picked for the meal, as well as some chocolate coins. “If you don’t get why we put coins in the box, you must not have ever played Super Mario,” he said.

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