StoneTether Helps You Never Lose Your Keys Ever Again

Minding your things and your children is no longer something difficult, as all you have to do now is strap a StoneTether tracker to them.

Developed by Del Marth, the StoneTether is a waterproof tracker that helps you keep a remote eye on your belongings or children with the help of a smartphone app. Lost things will be nothing more than a distant memory after getting a StoneTether.

The company described their product as follows:

“Have you ever lost track of anything like a wallet, your keys, or worse, a child? We have all been in that position before. The daily life stresses we encounter sometimes just seem to multiply. This wasted time and added stress are exactly what the StoneTether wireless tracker was invented to relieve.

StoneTether was invented to save time we spend looking for lost items like keys, wallets, or purses while also providing peace of mind when keeping a close watch of your children at a busy place like the mall or an amusement park. Finally, if you’re like me, you may have forgotten to bring something on a trip/event and had to turn the car around. StoneTether can help with this scenario as well. After years of perfecting this product, we are proud to announce a new way to make life easier with technology, the StoneTether tracking device.

StoneTether is not your ordinary wireless tracker, we designed this device specifically around the user, so it’s extremely small/thin and easy to use. To be clear, we’re not the first to help find and locate lost items, but we are when it comes to our unparalleled range of 500 feet. For $20, you will get a StoneTether, a carabiner clip and two adhesives, all that in April 2015.

Imagine being able to track anything from 8 houses down the street? It is the world’s first compact Bluetooth tracker that reaches this huge distance! This is achieved through a developed antenna combined with our propietary software that reaches this incredible range and we are excited to say it’s built into StoneTether.”

Del Marth was looking to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter, so that this gadget makes the jump from concept to production. Backers have already pledged nearly 6 times the funding goal, and considering that this crowdfunding campaign will end on December 13, a lot more money will be brought in, thus forcing the company to add stretch goals.

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