Stop! It’s Donkey Time

Meet GuizDP. He’s one among millions who has experienced the frustrations of a favourite game finally giving up the ghost; a cherished Donkey Kong cartridge.

Most people would come to terms with the inevitable; tossing away that now defunct game or reusing the case. Not GuizDP, according to Klonblog and his Youtube channel, GuizDP’s love for Donkey Kong transcended platforms. Instead of getting an emulator, he chose to recreate his game, arts and crafts style.

If you didn’t know that you were watching stop motion animation, you’d have almost believed that this was the actual game. Almost.


A labour of love, it was a whole lot of effort, with hours upon hours of work put into the pieces alone. But the end result is, without a doubt, fantastic. Nor is this GuizDP’s first dabbling in the arcane arts of stop motion. You can check out his video for Final Fantasy in stop motion here.

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