Saint’s Row IV launches million-dollar collector’s edition

Collector’s edition version of popular games always offer us a bit of tat and some DLCwith our deal, but is deep silver’s mega-bundle crossing the line?


If you’ve ever been in the market for some sweet collector’s editions you know where the hype is when a new game comes out. While the extra stuff in the box isn’t always ground breaking, there’s always a little something extra to incentivize us to throw a bit more money for the game we so readily want. Deep silver though, has decided to dive in the deep end and throw in a very special, very expensive bundle out there for millionaires and high-society folks with too much income: the Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition of the game throws down some impressive features, but what’s more impressive is the absolutely staggering one million dollar pricetag.


So what does a million bucks get you? A voyage to space, a brand spanking new Lamborghini Gallardo and a Toyota Prius (an odd pairing to be sure), some tickets to Washington DC and Dubai and so very much more. The estimated value of all the package’s worth is still bordering close to $800,000 so this isn’t a simple bait and switch, you’re actually getting a lot of stuff for your million.

Now, while this isn’t the first time in history that a videogame launches a completely crazy, high-priced collector’s edition, the end value was never anything remotely serious and (correct us if we’re wrong), no one ever really bit the bullet to pick up any of them. They were nothing more than light-hearted jests at the behest of shocked gamers, and used solely as a marketing ploy to attract more attention to the game. One can speculate whether or not this is the case considering the trouble it must’ve taken publisher Deep Silver to land all of these deals with various agencies and companies. Nonetheless, while many of us will stop at getting the slightly upgraded version of the game, with a few pieces of DLC, our hearts can continue to dream about speeding down the streets of Steelport in a purple Gallardo, running over pedestrians.

Source: Kotaku

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