Store Your Gadgets in The iSafe

We all have our gadgets that we just love, and you can store your them along with all your tech gear using the iSafe.

This is a unique creation that functions both as a regular bag, and also personal alarm system since it holds a built-in alarm that can be activated in a split second.

isafe bag review

iSafe is a really great way for storing your favorite tech gear while on vacation. You can fit your stuff easily into the bag, making sure you are just a zipper away from your gadgets, while getting the benefit of the extra functionalities. The URBAN CREW BACKPACKS line is offering 5 different models: black , green,red,pink and purple , so you can find the one you like best and get the most out of your purchase. Each bag retails for $89.99


isafebackpacks 1

Another great thing about this bag is that, although it doesn’t look that big, it can actually contain lots of things as it has plenty of space. It has 7 zippered compartments and it is durable to heavy weights. The padded compartment can fit a laptop up to size of 15.6″. The back of the bag is padded to fit your back comfortably.With the world loudest personal alarm system, this bag will protect both you and your gear, and officially become the perfect companion for traveling and daily use.