Samus Mighty Mugg

Are you a fan of the Metroid video games? Then you’ll love this Mighty Mugg that’s been customized to look like Samus Aran.


The piece looks really cool – the colours and details are pretty good for something that doesn’t give you much in the way of flexibility. Regardless, there is a lot of creativity put into it. The armour colours and details are relatively decent (better than I could do, anyways) and the overall piece just looks really well done.


The design actually gets better though. Despite it being rather limited in design, it is still unique and features a couple of merits which definitely make it worth having. For starters, it has quite a bit of pose-ability with moving arms and a movable head piece. The other neat thing is that the visor is actually movable so that you can actually Samus’ face when you lift the visor. This gives us a little more creativity for the figure.


A lot of detail has been included in this, despite the limited amount you can actually work with, which leads me to thinking that these Mighty Mugg figures are a lot like Munny Dolls, which you can practically customize to your own preference, while of course limiting yourself to the amount of shapework you can actually do. Either way, it looks really neat, and is something I would personally collect.


The paint job is really generous, and the coverage is pretty good; overall, the look and feel is a bit on the cartoonish side, but considering that this is something that is really limited in how you work with it, unless you’re molding every single piece, you don’t have that much control over how it looks. Despite that, it looks really well done, and I commend the artist, Sid, for doing such a good job.

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Via: Super Punch