Peculiar Street Art Springs Up in Belgium

Street artists have taken their works to a new level in Belgium, as they made use of multiple dimensions and even integrated real-life objects into the picture.

The following works of street art are the creation of Ernest Zacharevic. The Lithuanian artist followed a one-year course in Graphic Arts/Print Making at Vilnius Art Academy in his home country and then graduated in Fine Arts in London, UK.

Belgium is not the only country he’s been active in. Actually, his works are present all over the world, in other European countries, as well as in Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa. In other words, only Antarctica got away, and if that continent had any proper streets, I bet he’d want to test his skills there, too. Most of all, Ernest Zacharevic has been particularly productive in Malaysia, where he made an interactive piece of street art featuring two kids on a bicycle made for two.

One could say that Ernest is attracted by shopping carts, as both his works picture above feature one. However, the approach differs from one to another. In the first image, it is an adult who is pushed away in the shopping cart, while in the second one, a little girl took the role of the passenger. In case you thought that the adult from the first piece looks familiar, it is maybe because he is TinTin, along with his dog, Snowy. The Adventures of TinTin were made by Belgian artist Georges Remi, so this tribute must have been welcomed by the Belgians.

The third piece of street art does not feature any real-life objects, but it includes multiple dimensions. On a vertical wall there is a boy that seems to contemplate the dinosaur he has drawn on the ground. What I like the most about this piece is the stylized dinosaur that looks exactly the way a child would draw it.

Last, but not least, there is this piece featuring a boy that seems to ride a real toy bike. Of course, if the bike or the shopping carts were removed, some of this artist’s works would not make much sense. I guess all this could be called interactive art.

It is even possible to buy StreetArt notebooks from Ernest’s website, so if you liked his works, make sure to check out his offers.

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