14 Sizzlin’ Steampunk Renditions of Superhero Art

So far, no director or studio had picked the gauntlet and delivered us a Superhero movie with an obvious Steampunk design, atmosphere, etc. Until then, we can either settle for Anime movies like Howl’s Moving Castle or for these incredbile artworks that keep popping up across the web everyday, to satisfy our hunger for more Steampunk mash-ups.

Steampunk Superman

One of the ideas for  new Superman movies that rolled around until the Man of Steel project got picked up, was to put the character back in the 1930’s, where it was supposed to be in the first place, back when the first Superman Comic book was ever drawn. Another change was supposed to be the whole adding of the Steampunk re-work on the character. Too bad we didn’t get to see it happen. Maybe later in our lives.

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 Steampunk Batman

If there’s one DC character I’d love to see in a steampunk kind of suit and setting, it’s Batman. Maybe it’s because he’s my favorite superhero, but maybe because he suits the Victorian-vision perfectly.

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Harley Quinn

As in most cases of books, movies, comic books and such, Villains re the truly interesting figures of the plot. I also think people get more creative when the interpret them in Steampunk Artworks.

Iron Man

The most suitable for Steampunk adaptations has to be Tony Stark, Iron Man. Hey, the man is inside a metal super-suit. He fits the part perfectly.

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Being alive for over 100 years, Wolverine’s immortality makes him easy to describe in pretty much any era. His origins, according to the latest version, is the 1890’s, perfectly within the Victorian period.

Other X-Men deserve a steampunk mention as well, so here’s Emma Frost along with Beast, Cyclops and Logan.


The Avengers

P.S. Can’t wait for the movie!

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Spider Man

We’ll have to wrap up with the most popular superhero in the world (at least that’s what the numbers say), Spider Man, geekiest of them all, or at least his fictional-real-life-version-when-out-of-the-suit-is.

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