Really Rad Super Mario Birthday Party

Sometimes parents can be really indulgent, and when they are geeks, the kids can really expect a rad birthday bash. That is exactly what happened when Elliot turned 6.

His parents decided to throw a Super Mario themed birthday party and invited all his friends. The invitations were double slider cards that show a 1UP when pulled.

Moving on, the plates, decorations and other accessories were all done in yellow to feature the predominant color of the game. Instead of balloons and white labels, they decided to use piranha plants and chomps.

Snacks and edibles were kept in containers that resembled various oddities found in Super Mario games. The kids also got to play various Mario themed games before getting a slice of the delicious Super Mario Cake.

I would say, this is an awesome way to celebrate a kids birthday especially if the parents are Mario fans themselves. On this note, it might be a cool idea to throw birthday parties that are inspired by video games, as they provide for a lot of ideas with respect to decorations, edibles, cakes and even games.

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