Nintendo Rolls Out the Super Mario Bros.2 Impossible Pack

If you ever thought any Super Mario level is particularly challenging, wait till you see the three levels that make up the new Impossible Pack. This is practically Nintendo’s way of setting a new bar for level difficulty.

As a child, I had a NES clone called Terminator 2 video game console, on which I played from time to time. Obviously, on the 9999999 in 1 ROM cartridge, there also was Super Mario, so I’m among the lucky ones to have seen the Italian plumber in one of his oldest outfits. I never really considered any of the levels extremely difficulty, though. Replaying some of them might have been necessary to pass over an obstacle, but nothing was impossible. This is exactly why I am interested in what Nintendo calls The Impossible Pack, a DLC comprising the three hardest levels ever created for Super Mario.

The Mystery Pack and the Impossible Pack form the fourth and final round of downloadable course packs for Super Mario Bros.2. Both packs include three courses for the Coin Rush mode. While playing the Impossible Pack, gamers do not have any coins or power-ups at their disposal. In other words, the “Difficulty: Danger” description that precedes the course should be taken seriously. The target for the Impossible Pack is of 100 coins, and I’m really curious as to who will be able to get them all. Nintendo claims that only Super Mario Pro players that are very confident about their abilities should take on this challenge.

As one YouTube user commented on the above video, it would be interesting if Nintendo offered some sort of level editor, so that everyone can created and upload new courses to the Web. I admit, this would be something, as collective creativity could surpass the one of the Nintendo programmers. Besides, this would be a great way of letting others know what’s wrong with their courses, thus giving each other the opportunity to improve.

Other than that, the opinions are divided on YouTube. Some claim that the Impossible Pack is easy, while others simply describe it as “Imposibru!” As far as the latter comment, I’d say: “Spot on, you Nintendo gamer, spot on!”

Each of the new course packs costs $2.50, and gamers are recommended to try the Mystery pack first, as the other one can be quite frustrating.

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