Free Mario – Super Mario Bros. Parkour Video

The Super Mario Bros. meet the streets. And then do all kinds of cool flips and jumps over it in this video.

Super Mario Bros. Parkour by Warialasky image1

Mario and his brother Luigi were way ahead of the Parkour curve long before it became cool. Since 1985 the brothers have been running, jumping, and climbing over every Mushroom Kingdom obstacle put in their way like the actual free runners of our world.

Now the Mario Bros. – portrayed by professional free runners Ronnie Shalvis and Christian Russell – get their chance to transverse the concrete jungle-like spaces of a modern day metropolis in this video made by YouTube channel Warialasky.

Super Mario Bros. Parkour by Warialasky image 2

The video is even backed by a rockin’ melody of Super Mario music, which you can also download via Warialasky’s Bandcamp page (it’s only a $1!). It matches perfectly to the acrobatic exploits of both brothers, who also make great use of flower powers and what not.

You’ll also see some nice use of enemies, blocks, and all sorts of familiar Mario trappings in this video; there’s even one awesome part where Luigi continuously jumps on a row of turtles and earns a 1Up. Just don’t try that with real turtles, kids.

Oh, and spot how many times Mario’s red plumber hat flies off his head after doing a frontflip off a platform. You would think it would stick to his head like it does in all of his videogames, but darn you gravity and your non-hat holding down ways!

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